Monday, November 15, 2021

Field Day dress code.

 Dress Code for Athletic Field Day


All shirts worn for athletic practices and field day should be modest, loose fitting, in good repair (no holes, torn sleeves, etc.), and should be worn either tucked in or well over the waist of the pants/shorts if not tucked in. No midriffs may be shown. T-shirts are preferred—no tank tops, camisoles, or sports bras may be worn as outer garments. Sleeveless shirts may be worn if modest.


Pants/shorts should be modest, and in good repair (no holes, torn sleeves, etc.). Pants should be worn at the waist and should be no shorter than mid-thigh and no-longer than just below the knee. No short-shorts or long baggy shorts may be worn. No boxers or undergarments may be visible. If a player would like to wear volleyball spandex shorts, they must be covered by loose fitting athletic shorts.


Jackets and sweatshirts may be worn to school for warmth during recess, transitions but must be free of logos and messages, with the following exceptions: sports team logos (e.g., Lions, Spurs) and apparel. Such jackets are not part of the uniform and will not be warn in class. Please refer to the outerwear guidelines for further information.


Footwear should be athletic in nature: no sandals, open-toed, or platform shoes. Hats and sunscreen may be appropriate if the students will be in the sun. Hat styles should follow the same guidelines as above.

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