Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Week 10 News

 Picture Day is Wednesday for Brick and Mortar students.

This week we will be learning:

    Spalding: new words, we began section L

    Literature: Sarah, Plain and Tall (our next book is Boxcar Children)

    Grammar: prepositions and object of the preposition

    Math: addition and subtraction with renaming

    History: Ancient China (test Friday)

    Poem: Where Go The Boats (due 10/14)

Important Dates:

Fall Break: No school October 19-23

Character Dress up Day: October 30th

Friday, October 9, 2020

Character Dress up Day

 Guidelines for Character Day Dress Up Friday, October 30

Students may dress up as any character from any book on the  K-6 Classics to Keep List , a grade level read-aloud, Greek or Roman Mythology or a historical character from our curriculum at Northern Oaks and come to school primed for a joyful day filled with reading. 

  • Students who do not wish to wear a costume should come to school in his or her regular uniform.
  • Students must fill out and turn in a "Costume Proposal Slip" and turn it into their teacher on or before Thursday, October 29th and must be approved by the teacher.
  • No character masks or all-over face paint (freckles, mustaches, etc. are okay)
  • Hats, gloves, ears, etc. are acceptable as long as they stay on and are not a distraction (teacher will confiscate if that happens).
  • No props not attached to the costume, such as weapons, baskets, wands, etc.
  •  If the costume is such that it needs clothes underneath, it should be their uniform. 
  • Please keep in mind students will be going to recess in their costumes, so one that allows free movement is encouraged


Thank you, in advance, for your support of reading and literacy, as well as your support of this special event at Great Hearts Northern Oaks! Hooray for books!   

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Week 8 News

 This week we will be learning:

    Spalding: new words

    Literature: The Courage of Sarah Noble (our next book is Sarah, Plain and Tall)

    Grammar: prepositions and object of the preposition

    Math: addition and subtraction with renaming

    Science: Healthy habits, Human body (quiz Wednesday) and Rocks

    Poem: Where Go The Boats (due 10/14)

Important Dates:

No school October 5

Curriculum Night: September 29

Fall Break: October 19-23

Monday, September 21, 2020

A Message from Art

 Dear Griffin Parents, 


If possible, could you please purchase Scissors and colored pencils to be included as supplies in your scholars’ art bag?  


Purchasing these items is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL.  These items may have been included in their EduKit.  However, student art bags are accessed only during art class so that materials are not left out and mixed with materials in their home room desk/cubbie.


I do have extra scissors and colored pencils for use in the classroom that I will sanitize before and after student use.  However, It will make the class flow more efficient if this extra step is reduced. 


Thank you so much for the opportunity to teach your children! 


Here are a few purchasing options below.  There is no immediate rush or date expected…..just if and when you are able.   

Thanks again!  

My Best, Mrs. Northway








Colored Pencils:






Colored Pencils:





Friday, August 28, 2020

Late/make-up work policy

 Dear 2A Families,

We have been under a grace period concerning late work as everyone is getting used to Digital Learning and uploading assignments. Please double check your students assignments, as you have until September 2 to turn in any missing work without penalty. Some work has been marked as "turned in", but nothing has been attached, please make sure that attachments are there. Beginning September 3rd, the late work policy will take effect. 

Make-up Work Policy for Absences DL or B & M

Every day teachers work to fill every minute of your student’s day with rich, meaningful learning opportunities. Our learning in the classroom is done in community with pictures, reading, labs, activities, demonstrations, manipulatives, partner work, bell work/warm up activities, exit tickets, observations, drills, recitations and discussions. When a student is absent or late, we can give your student worksheets, a copy of the notes, and schedule another time for a test/quiz, but these things miss the heart and soul of what we do each day in the classroom. Because of the nature of each learning experience, it is nearly impossible to recreate the lesson/activities that are graded each day.  

Our DL students also participate in all kinds of activities that have been “remotified” to be done in the virtual environment and are very conducive for students who have been sick to get caught up.  Even then, daily attendance is vitally important to any student's success in either the B & M or DL classroom.  

When a student is absent for illness, they have one calendar day for each day missed to complete any work or assignment that was missed. B & M students are responsible to take home the absent work left for them on their desk or request the packet from their teacher.  DL students are responsible for logging into their GC for the days they missed, participating in the online learning and connecting with their teachers if they have any questions.  All tests/quizzes that were missed should be made up within one week of the absence unless other arrangements are made with the teacher.  The late policy will take effect as soon as students have reached the number of “make-up days” allotted.  Students in grades 4-6 should work to arrange with their teachers, time outside of class or during tutoring to receive help for material they have missed and do not understand or make up tests.

HW/classwork/make-up work late policy:
  • 10% off if not turned in the AM the day it is due
  • 50% off if turned in 24 hrs late
  • 75% off if turned in 48 hrs late
  • 0% after 48 hrs late

Absences that allow for a grace period of time (as listed above) to get make up work done must be recorded with the school’s registrar by emailing her at info@greatheartsnorthernoaks.org or calling the attendance line.  Absences that are unexcused may result in zeros for many class activities that cannot be recreated.  Please see the handbook for further information.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

MAP FAQ and detailed instructions


NWEA MAP Growth Test for 2nd Grade Testing Day Guide for Parents and Students

STEP 1: Clickthe ZOOM meeting link at designated test time

▪ Join Zoom meeting link on Google Classroom at designated test time: ▪ 

STEP 2a: Go to NWEA MAP test website for DESKTOP computer

▪ Open a web browser (preferably Google Chrome) ▪ Go to the NWEA MAP website

Step 2b: Download NWEA App for student TABLET or device

▪ Download NWEA app from the app store.

▪ Open the testing app once download is complete.


Step 3: DISABLE Pop-up Blockers

  • ▪  If a student sees this and not the login page, they likely need to disable pop-up blocking.

  • ▪  How to Disable Pop Up Blockers for Safari:https://safeYouTube.net/w /jIKV

    How to Disable Pop Up Blockers for Google Chrome: https://safeYouT ube.net/w/XIKV

    ▪ Directions by device.

page5image66848448page5image66848256 page5image66848064page5image66847872 page5image66847680 page5image66847488 


Step 4: Students type session name and password into LOG IN screen


▪ Student will access the Log In screen and enter the “Session Name” and “Session Password.”

▪ Teacher will provide this information on the day of the test
▪ Then, click the arrow to continue


Step 5: Choose student NAME in dropdown box


▪ Select your name, shown in alphabetical order, from the “Choose you name” dropdown box

▪ Then, select test name from the “Select a test” dropdown box

▪ Click the arrow to continue


Step 6: CONFIRM your name and test session ▪ A question bubble will ask

“Is this correct?”

▪ If it’s correct, select the blue button confirming “Yes.”


Step 7: WAIT for the teacher to begin your test


▪ Once this screen comes up, wait for the teacher to begin your test session.

  • ▪  After the teacher let’s you in, the first test question will appear, and you may start the test.

  • ▪  GOOD LUCK!!!


TAKE IT SLOW! If you go too fast, you will see this sloth. DON’T RUSH!


Step 8: After you answer all the questions, the test is FINISHED.


▪ The test usually takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

  • ▪  At the end, you will see your name and a message saying“Congratulations, you finished the test!”

  • ▪  Let the teacher know when you get this message, and they will give you further instructions.


FAQ’s: Test Support and Troubleshooting


▪ Can I use a calculator?
▪ On some questions, a calculator will appear. Only use a calculator on

the test if one is provided in the testing application.

▪ What if I don’t know the answer?
▪ It’s okay and expected that you won’t know all the answers. Just try

your best, and select the answer that makes the most sense.

▪ Can I go back and change my answer to a question?

  • ▪  No, after clicking the arrow button, your answer is final, and you can’t

    go back to make changes.

  • ▪  Your test is always changing and updating based on how you answer each question. Each new question depends on how you answered the one before it. This is why you can’t go back.

    ▪ Should I keep the Zoom meeting open during testing?

    ▪ Yes, please keep the Zoom window open to communicate with teacher as needed.


FAQ’s: Test Support and Troubleshooting (continued)


▪ Should my parent stay with me during the test?

▪ It may be helpful for parents to stay close by in case the students encounter a problem. However, once students successfully login and begin the test, they will likely be self guided from there.

▪ Oops! Where’s my test window?
▪ Student needs to disable pop-up blocking on web browser.

▪ Why is session login information not working?
▪ Make sure students are on test.mapnwea.org and not the practice test


▪ What happens if I get a screen resolution error?
▪ Chromebook: Ctrl+Shift+0, then refresh browser ▪ Windows: Ctrl+0, then refresh browser


MAP testing


Beginning August 31st , scholars in 2nd  grade will take the MAP® Growth™ test from NWEA®. We will have our Reading MAP test on Tuesday, September 1st with the first class beginning at 8:30 and our Math MAP test on Thursday, September 3 beginning at 8:30. On the testing day and time please help your student to join the Zoom meeting. The link will be posted as “8:30-10:30 LIVE ZOOM Subject MAP Test (Day M/D)”. These tests are not for a grade, but rather provide teachers data that is necessary for understanding student growth.  Please take a moment to read the following and let me if you have any questions. 

  • Please watch this short message to learn more about the MAP® Growth™ test, why we use this assessment, and how we feel this assessment helps us better serve our scholars
  •  During this assessment you might feel that you need to help your child with explaining a concept, defining a word or symbol. We kindly ask that you only help your child with the technological aspect of this assessment so that we can get an accurate picture of what they know. This assessment is an adaptive assessment, meaning that if your student gives a right answer the next answer will be a little harder, it is trying to figure out how much your child knows. If a student gives a wrong answer, the next question will be easier. 
  • To minimize stress on the day of testing, and support our families and scholars, we ask that you check your student’s computer and web-browser configurations before the day of the test

To ensure your student’s computer is ready for testing:
On our testing days… 
  • Join the zoom meeting on time. 
  • The test Session ID and passcode will be shared in the class zoom session, along with instructions on what to expect. 
  • Your scholar may have access to a dictionary/thesaurus and scratch paper and a pencil during the assessment. (No calculators) 
  • Scholars may not ask for help with the content of test questions. Some questions are hard, some are easy. The purpose is to get to know your student. 
  • Students who take the test on an iPad or another tablet device may not be able to stay in the zoom meeting to ask the teacher for help if there is an issue with their testing session. These students may need assistance to be able to contact their teacher
We have adjusted our schedule to reflect this testing, please refer to Google Classroom to view other assignments. The attached document details other questions you might have and includes step-by-step instructions. 

Thank you for partnering with us on this.

Week 10 News

 Picture Day is Wednesday for Brick and Mortar students. This week we will be learning:     Spalding: new words, we began section L     Lite...